Catering and Events

Coffee Cart

Our coffee cart built by Porter and Maple is available for hire for all your caffeine needs offsite. We Provide Espresso based coffee with milk (flat whites etc) supplied by Single O, Batch Brew - Filter Coffee, Tea - supplied by Tea Craft, Hot Chocolate, Chai, Cold Brew. Our cost for an offsite cart starts at $2000. If you would like us to provide you with a quote based on your event please email us at

Venue Hire

Our space is available for you to use for your own needs, depending on what those are. Our venue hire starting fee is $500. If you would like to book our venue for your next event please email us

Event Hosting

  • Coffee classes or other coffee related events 
  •  Photo exhibitions 
  •  Launch Parties 
  •  Birthday Parties, engagement parties and any other special occasion 
  •  Food collaborations with other restaurants or cafes
If you'd like us to host an event for you please email us!

Offsite Events

We can also set up a bagel/sandwich stand  alongside our coffee cart or even your backyard for whatever your event may be.

Shoot us an email and will figure it out!