White        4
Black        4
Batch        3.50/5
Tea        4 
Hot Choc        4
Mocha        4.50

Large, Soy, Oat, Decaf, Strong        0.50
Almond        1


Cold Brew        4/6
Almond Cold Brew        6.50/10
Iced Latte        4.50/5.50
Green Smoothie        8.50
Fresh Juice       7
Sparkling Water        4


BEER by The GRIFTER (Marrickville) 

Pale Ale    8

Special    10



Fresh        3.50
Fresh (6 or more)        3

Avo    14
Avocado, lime and chilli salt        

Cream Cheese    8
House-made cream cheese with chives. Add jam 50c        

Smoked Salmon    19
Smoked Salmon, herb and caper cream cheese w/ cucumber and dill

Breaky    16
Pastrami, scrambled egg, american cheese and russian dressing 

Sweet Boy    12
Ricotta, banana, toasted almonds and honey
 - vegan option w/ peanut butter

Spreads    5
Nutella, peanut butter, Vegemite, house made jam

Salad   14
Spiced pumpkin puree, fresh tomato, pickled onion and alfalfa sprouts


Slice of the day    4

Whole square slab pizza     40 
- available for catering orders (just need a days notice) 


Chicken    16 

Chicken thigh, iceberg lettuce, provolone, pickles and chilli garlic sauce

Big Mac    16 

Ground beef, American cheese, white onion, pickles, lettuce and 'Big Mac' sauce

House-made Banana Bread    4.5/17   

Toasted w/ cultured butter

Rice Pudding    13   

Oat milk rice pudding with mandarin, puffed rice, sesame, chia and caramelised white choc

Market Salad    14   

Sweet potato, tomato, broccoli, fennel, pickled onion, raisins and toasted almonds w/ a tahini dressing


Chicken    6

Scramby/Fried Egg    8/3.5 

Cream Cheese    4

Smoked Salmon    9

Avocado    4

Tomato 3