White        4
Black        4
Batch        3.50/5
Tea        4 
Hot Choc        4
Mocha        4.50

Large, Soy, Oat, Decaf, Strong        0.50
Almond        1


Cold Brew        4/6
Almond Cold Brew        6.50/10
Iced Latte        4.50/5.50
Green Smoothie        8.50
Fresh Juice       7
Sparkling Water        4


BEER by The GRIFTER (Marrickville) 

Pale Ale    8

Special    10



Fresh        3.50
Fresh (6 or more)        3

Avo    14
Avocado, lime and chilli salt        

Cream Cheese    8
House-made cream cheese with chives. Add jam 50c        

Smoked Salmon    19
Smoked Salmon, herb and caper cream cheese w/ cucumber and dill

Breaky    16
Pastrami, scrambled egg, american cheese and russian dressing 

Sweet Boy Bagel    12
Ricotta, banana, toasted almonds and honey
 - vegan option w/ peanut butter

Spreads    5
Nutella, peanut butter, Vegemite, house made jam


Slice of the day    4

Whole square slab pizza     40 
- available for catering orders (just need a days notice) 


Chicken    16 

Chicken thigh, iceberg lettuce, provolone, pickles and chilli garlic sauce

Spag Bol    16 

Pork & beef bolognese, provolone cheese, spinach and pickled onion

House-made Banana Bread    4.5/17   

Toasted w/ cultured butter

Porridge (before 12pm)    13   

Oat and date porridge, haini caramel, poached pear, red grapes and grenola crumble

Black-bean Chilli (after 12pm)    13   

w/ sour cream, fresh coriander and half a bagel


Chicken    6

Scramby/Fried Egg    8/3.5 

Cream Cheese    4

Smoked Salmon    9

Avocado    4

Tomato 3